(All prices include tax)

Little Cow Dog
(100% Beef on a Grilled Bun)

Big Cow Dog
(100% Beef on a Grilled Bun)

Cow Dog’s Own Veggie Fritter
(on a Grilled Bun)

FREE Cow Dog Toppings (just ask!)
Mustard · Brown Mustard · Ketchup · Mayo · Hot Sauce
BBQ Sauce · Chopped Red Onion · Sweet Relish
Dill Relish · Cowboy Candy · Sliced Jalapeños

Premium Toppings – 50¢ each
Cow Dog’s Own Beef Chili Dog Sauce · Cow Dog’s Custom Pico de Gallo
Sharp Cheddar Cheese · Sauerkraut · Bacon (1 slice)

Cow Dog Specials!

The “Mexican”
Cow Dog’s Custom Pico de Gallo · Bacon
Sharp Cheddar Cheese · Mayo · Ketchup
Little $4.00 · Big $6.50
“Favorite Flavors!”

The “Hangover”
Bacon · Sharp Cheddar Cheese · Hot Sauce
Cow Dog’s Own Beef Chili Sauce · Fritos
Little $4.00 · Big $6.50

The “Vegomatic”
Cow Dog’s Own Veggie Fritter · Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Cow Dog’s Custom Pico de Gallo
Little $4.00 · Big $6.50

The “Wing” Dog
Wing Sauce · Ranch or Blue Dressing · Chopped Celery
Little $3.50 · Big $6.00

The “German”
Sauerkraut · Bacon · Spicy Brown Mustard · Caraway Seed
Little $4.00 · Big $6.50

The “El Pastor”
Grilled Pineapple · Red Onion · Cilantro Pesto · Lime Mayo
Little $4.00 · Big $6.50
“A Delicious Surprise!”

The “Artisan”
Cow Dog’s Own Apple Apricot Chutney · Tillamook Sharp Cheddar
Stone-ground White Wine Dijon
Little $4.00 · Big $6.50

The “Street” Dog
Spicy Brown Mustard · Relish · Red Onion · Cheese · Sauerkraut · Chili
Little $4.00 · Big $6.50
“Over the Top Good!”

The “Bad” Dog
Chopped Green Chilies · Pepper Jack Cheese · Sriracha Sauce
Little $4.00 · Big $6.50
“Good and HOT!”

The “CurryWurst”
Cow Dog’s Own Curry Sauce · French Fried Onions
Little $4.00 · Big $6.50
Add chutney

The “Green Chile Cheese Dog”
Two Kinds O’Cheese · Roasted Green Chiles · Super Secret Slather · Fritos On Top!
Little $4.00 · Big $6.50
“Nuevo Viejo Southwest”

The “Popper”
Sauteed Fresh Jalapeños · Bacon · Popper Sauce · Cheddar
Little $4.00 · Big $6.50
“Extremely Tasty”

The “BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich”
Tender slow-cooked pork with Cow Dog BBQ sauce on a grilled bolillo.
Ask for slaw or pickles or onion or “loaded”
“Just Real Good”

The “Porkinator”
Tasty BBQ Pulled Pork · Melted Cheddar · Bacon
Cowboy Candy (pickled sweet hot jalapeños) · Mayo
“You’ve Been Porkinated”

Cow Dog’s Own Veggie Burger
Homemade patty on a grilled bolillo!
Delicious with any of our toppings!
“A Vegan Delight!”

Tater Flops
Two crisp on the outside mashed potato patties with cheese,
sour cream & green onions
Green Chile Cheese Flops! $4.00

Flopos Rancheros
Tater Flops with cheese, a fried egg and ranchero sauce
“Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner!”

Ye Olde “Frito Pie”
Cow Dog’s beef chili sauce and cheese on a pile of……Fritos!
Little $3.00 · Big $5.00
(Try it with onions of jalapeños or…)

Bag of Lay’s Chips or Fritos

Can Coke · Diet Coke · Dr. Pepper
Sprite · Squirt · A&W Root Beer

Bottled Water

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